Employment Law Attorney with Jeff

Jeff, 28 years old, was an employee at an online retail store’s warehouse. He had been working full-time there for the last six years, making $17 an hour. His job at the warehouse was to collect, packages, and ship orders that were made by customers online. Throughout his employment at the warehouse, he had always been an exceptional employee as he never was late and had high scores in all areas on his employee evaluations. Recently the warehouse changed management and hired Will. Will had been working at the warehouse for only a few weeks and began making enemies as he would make offensive comments towards the older employees that were all over the age of 40. If you or someone you know has experienced a similar situation, contact employment law attorney in Orange County. He would stand over them while they were working, calling them slow and calling the men grandpa and the women grandma. He even took his behavior to a whole new level when he cut all of the older employees hours except claiming that they were lucky that he didn’t fire them. One of the older employees that was being discriminated against, filed a complaint with HR regarding Will’s unfair way of managing.  Because Jeff had witnessed so much of the incidences, he was asked to testify in the proceedings against Will. He complied and gave his statement which caused Will to retaliate against Jeff, calling him a rat. He wrote Jeff up for a bogus reason and fired him. Jeff contacted Employment Lawyers to see if he had a case of retaliation and wrongful termination because he was a whistle blower.